FACEIT Class 1

Ariele Consulting offers four  programs: Achieving Self-Sufficiency through Empowerment Training (ASSET), Parent Café , Youth ASSET,  and Empowering Families…through Effective Partnerships.

Achieving Self-Sufficiency through Empowerment Training (ASSET) is a 2-day training program that consists of workshops that focus on engaging families to meet goals, learn integrative family strategies for youth development, personal, educational, and occupational milestones.

ASSET’s Parent Café is a two-hour workshop offered weekly or monthly covering a different topic each session.

Youth ASSET (ages 11-21) are workshops to engage youth in information & training to support youth development and empower them by promoting self-sufficiency as they start their transition into adulthood. Like ASSET but for youth, workshops focus on pursuing individual goals for personal, educational, & occupational milestones.

Workshops include:

Critical Thinking

Resume Writing, Dressing-for-Success, and Effective Interviewing Skills

Maintaining a Job…Developing a Great Work Ethic

Effective Time Management Skills

Conflict Resolution and Management

Developing Effective Parenting Skills

Neighborhood, Community, and Civic Responsibilities

Crime Prevention & Keeping Families Safe

Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning

Financial Responsibility & Empowerment

Identifying & Connecting to Community Resources

Decision Making

Family Health and Wellness

           Effective Communication Strategies

                     Developing Effective Study Skills & Test Taking Strategies

       GED Tutoring Sessions

***Workshops are revised to specifically address Youth ASSET (ages 11-21)***

In addition, Ariele Consulting partners with human service agencies to engage human service professionals (HSPs) in best practices in the workplace. Empowering Families…through Effective Partnership workshops help HSPs understand their roles and responsibilities in developing effective partnerships with caregivers to empower them to become resourceful in meeting their own needs, thus increasing their motivation and ability to meet the needs of their children and families.

Workshops include:

Critical Thinking

Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

Engaging Families…Developing Partners

Health and Wellness in the Workplace

Effective Time Management Skills