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Ariele Consulting, LLC was established in February 2018 by Angelique Spruill Nealy to address common problems faced by low-income individuals and families who may need additional assistance in understanding their roles and responsibilities in the community, household, and overcoming obstacles. Employing knowledge gained over the past 20 years working as a supervisor with the Department of Family and Children Services, as a professor of Human Service for two distinguished universities, and heading a self-sufficiency training program for low-income families through a local housing authority, Angelique developed Achieving Self-Sufficiency through Empowerment Training (ASSET).  ASSET provides information and training that focus on pursuing family and individual goals, learning integrative family strategies for youth development and personal, educational, and occupational milestones. Ariele Consulting exposes opportunities that exist among low-income populations- opportunities for capacity development, building on the strengths of families and communities.

In addition, Ariele Consulting partners with organizations to engage interns and employees in best practices in the workplace. Workshops help staff understand their roles and responsibilities at work in order to meet the goals and objectives of the employer.

Ariele Consulting, LLC is an advocate for families and communities, and is dedicated to enriching the lives of individuals and families from underserved communities. The name Ariele means Lioness of God. Ariele loves fighting for the underdog, has a passion to work with others to achieve peace and harmony, and is excited by change. A visionary, Ariele is a champion for all that is good.

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